Lecture hands-on

We decided to share our educational material concerning Cloud Computing. Below the outline of our Cloud Computing Class: each item has a link to the hands-on. Any comments/suggestions are more than welcome: this want to be a "collaborative course" where any educators can propose improvements (just send an email if you have any). We propose two learning paths: one for beginner students and one for advanced students.

Warning: we are currently update our course. Some resources may be temporary not available: in this case, just contact us and we will provide you the missing resource.

The beginner path

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

  2. Cloud Platforms

  3. OpenStack and the Chameleon project

    1. Introduction to OpenStack

    2. A web server over OpenStack

    3. LAMP+CMS

    4. Manage volumes

  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    1. Introduction to AWS

    2. AWS setup

    3. Let's play with AWS

  5. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    1. Introduction to GCP

    2. GCP setup

  6. Cloud Federation

    1. Cloud standardization (available soon)

    2. The Cloudmesh project

    3. The EasyCloud project

  7. Beyond Cloud Computing

    1. Containers

    2. Fog/Edge Computing

    3. Femtocloud systems (available soon)

The advanced path

  1. OpenStack and the Chameleon project

    1. Load balance

    2. Advanced usage of the command-line client software

    3. Automatic setup

    4. Baremetal

  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    1. The AWS's command-line client software (available soon)

  3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    1. The GCP's command-line client software (available soon)

    2. A MapReduce example

  4. Cloud Federation

    1. The Boto library

    2. The Apache libcloud

    3. The EasyCloud tools: advanced features (available soon)

  5. Cloud as a platform

    1. Introduction to Big Data

    2. Data analytics (intro, hadoop, spark)

    3. Stream analytics (intro, platforms)

    4. Machine learning (available here)